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Bulk Transport

As expenses for production increase and sales prices of bulk products are under pressure, the costs of incoming logistics are becoming increasingly important to the global bulk industry. With a dedicated bulking vertical, TL supports bulk industry sector and their suppliers in optimizing their supply chains for their particular situation.

In the bulk industry, maybe more than in other sectors, no two companies are the same. But they all have in common that they depend on a steady and reliable inbound supply chain for their equipment, spare parts, and other materials.

From a supply chain point of view, the global bulk industry can be divided in two segments. Warehouses in areas with a developed infrastructure can be served easily with the same supply chain solutions that work for other industries. But most warehouses are located in remote, rural areas, often with rudimentary infrastructures and few opportunities to optimize transportation. TL offers tested solutions for both situations.

Our year long experiences help understanding your business and are equipped to deliver innovative and individual transport solutions. Starting from a thorough understanding of your situation and your needs, they will design a tailor-made solution, combining only the logistics components that are truly needed. The result can range from a simple freight forwarding service to a highly sophisticated and integrated end-to-end logistics solution.

Bulk Transport