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Sector Expertise
Are you shipping Machinery & Chemicals or Plastic & Fiber?
Tirupati logistic sector approach

Every industry has its own particular characteristics and supply chain needs, which is why our sector management approach is to work with customers to optimize the value proposition for their industry’s distinctive requirements. A key to our success is to create a simple and unique experience by sector, making it easier for you to do business with us. With our innovative and industry-specific state-of-the-art-solutions, we will create a competitive advantage for you.

Get your product to market with strategic planning and efficient execution with experienced logistics professionals. Simplify the complexities of transporting your oil shipments, hazardous materials, textiles, or high-value product with total supply chain solutions from Tirupati Logistics’. We’ll meet your timelines and help you stay on budget using proven protocols that fit your needs.

Our Core Industry Sectors

Sometimes there’s more to delivering product than choosing the appropriate mode to get it there. Turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage with additional services to keep you on time, on budget, and a step ahead of the competition. Consider an entire spectrum of service options for your unique logistics strategy.

Within the strategy 2015 we decided to focus even further on your industries starting with the sectors Bulk solution & Healthcare, Technology, Energy, Automotive and Engineering & Manufacturing.

Chemical Solution
For many industrial producers, the solution to increasing material and labour co...
Engineering & Manfacturing
For many industrial producers, the solution to increasing material and labor cos...
enginering & manufacturing
Exim Solution
Import - Export is the definition of a fast moving industry. Lead times, accurac...
exim solution
Bulk Transport
As expenses for production increase and sales prices of bulk products are under ...
bulk transport
Light Weight Solution
We know that demanding customers, hyper-competitive markets, multi-channel retai...
light weight solution
Industrial Project Transport
You can rely on Tirupati Logistics to get your shipment, irrespective of size, t...
industrial proj transport
Other Industry
Every industry, whether it is automotive, high tech, aid & relief, government & ...